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Salon 31 formulated products

Crush Shampoo & Conditioner

Enrich dry lifeless hair with weightless moisture. Made with gentle ingredients, this shampoo lightly lathers to cleanse while minimizing color fading. Crush is sulfate free, paraben free, and a sodium chloride free shampoo.

Give Me Both

Give Me Both suffers from a true identity crisis, a mousse in gel’s clothing or is it vice versa? Our “two-of-a-kind” product that gives the control of a gel, plus the lightweight consistency, feel, and body of a mousse for texture, volume and defining curls. GMB replenishes the hair with nutrition and shine while eliminating static electricity.

Give Me Lift

Rise and shine, Give Me Lift is ready to enrich your hair with weightless volume and luster, without feeling sticky or greasy. GML preserves the life of a blow out with brilliance.

Give Me Body

It is going to “pump you up.” GMB is an alcohol-free root lifting wizard, with the power to add incredible volume to your roots without that sticky feeling.

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