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Crush Shampoo, 16 oz

Enrich dry lifeless hair with weightless moisture. Made with gentle ingredients, this shampoo lightly lathers to cleanse while minimizing color fading. Crush Shampoo is infused with Argan Oil to reduce any dry or brittle feeling. It leaves your hair with a shine that glows throughout the day and a scent of fresh oranges kissed by the sun.

Crush Conditioner, 16 oz

A perfect compliment to Salon 31's Crush Shampoo, Crush Conditioner, infused with Argan Oil and emollients, strengthens dry and brittle hair with weightless moisture. It penetrates from root to end, enhancing the elasticity of your hair, creating lush softness and sealing in shine.

All while, the natural antioxidants in Argan Oil, protect against styling and UVA/UVB damage to maximize color retention. Hydrating your hair with Crush will leave it with lasting freshness and vitality, accompanied by a subtle scent of fresh oranges kissed by the sun.

AirSpray, 10 oz

AirSpray gives you the ability to achieve an exceptionally flexible hold that is humidity resistant and easy to brush through. It is great for hair that needs a strong hold, yet "Air" free movement.

Give Me Both™, 7 oz

Give Me Both™ suffers from a true identity crisis, a mousse in gel's clothing or vice versa? For texture, volume, and defining curls. GMB provides the hair with nutrition and shine, while eliminating static electricity. A "two-of-a-kind" product with the styling control of a gel, plus the lightweight texture, feel and body of a mousse.

Give Me Body, 8 oz

Give Me Body adds incredible volume to the hair without stiff or tacky feel. This alcohol-free styler provides fabulous amounts of body and shine.

Galaxy Shampoo, 8 oz

A renowned brass-kicker, Galaxy Shampoo makes blondes and grays extra bright. It contains purple toning pigment to neutralize brassiness and enhance cool beige tones. This space invader improves vibrancy and imparts shine, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and manageable. Galaxy Shampoo creates bright blondes that can be seen light-years away--no telescope required.

Note: Should not be used for two-four weeks after a fresh toner.

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